Welcome to Family Church

Life as a family is a journey – one that can be exciting, challenging, nerve-wracking and ultimately rewarding.  In the Bible it says that, “Children are God’s best gift.”  Whether you are a parent or carer, grandparent or childminder, we aim to create a loving and supportive environment where you can enjoy to the full those gifts that you have been given.

Be it through our midweek Tots and Toddlers, Saturday Dad’s group, First Steps gatherings, or weekly Kids+Church, we hope you find St Thomas Crookes a place where you and your children can meet friends, enjoy time together as a family……and most importantly have fun!

Part of our church vision is to ‘live life better,’ and we believe  that all families and children deserve the very best we can offer. We aim for excellence in everything that we do; whether that is our ‘Outstanding’ graded nursery, or Raising Children course, run as part of the National Parenting Initiative.

As Family Church, we are on a journey of faith together.  We want to discover what it means to follow Jesus, both as adults and as children, and place him at the centre of our family life and relationships.  Midweek cell and cluster groups are a vital and vibrant aspect to our vision.  We want to encounter God in our homes, with our friends, and by having fun. These groups provide a place to work out together what it means to have a faith-filled family, and share that faith with those around us.

We hope this site provides you with a good overview of all the different aspects of Family Church.  It’s a bit messy, quite noisy, and a whole lot of fun – come and join the adventure!  We look forward to welcoming you and your children.

For more details about anything on our website, please contact us on 0114 267 1090, or email: helen.ward@stthomascrookes.org

Helen Ward